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Workplace HR Investigations

Workplace HR investigations must be conducted correctly to avoid legal and reputational risks -
As independent HR investigators, we can help.

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HR Investigations

A Workplace HR investigation is designed to enable the employer to understand the full facts of a matter or incident; to inform decision-making so they can fairly and objectively bring the matter to a conclusion.

But workplace HR investigations present risks for employers and small businesses that shouldn't be ignored.

HR investigations have to be handled fairly and employers should follow ACAS guidance on disciplinary and grievance matters.

Maintaining a professional, unbiased and non-judgmental approach during the investigation process will encourage your employees to participate in investigations openly and without fear of retaliation.

Mishandling an employment investigation can influence the outcome and impact of a workplace dispute, and the process followed may be deemed to be flawed should the matter result in a tribunal claim.

Failure to follow a proper and consistent investigation process can lead to tribunal claims and allegations of unlawful discrimination, detriment on the grounds of whistleblowing, data protection breaches and defamation.

Handling workplace HR investigations correctly at your small business is not only a legal obligation; consistent and fair treatment of employment investigations is important in promoting positive workforce relations.

Appointing An Independent HR Investigator

Conducting a workplace HR investigation internally is not always a practical or appropriate option, particularly if you don't have someone with the expertise or experience in your small business.

The role of an investigator is an important and skilled one. They need to be knowledgeable, fair and objective so that they can establish the essential facts of the case and determine what did or did not occur, but their role is not to prove any party’s guilt or culpability.

The investigator should not be involved in the matter that is the subject of the investigation, or in the final decision-making process, to ensure fairness and credibility. 

And since every investigation is different, multiple issues can arise, requiring specialist insight to ensure the organisation complies with its obligations throughout the process.

In these circumstances, it makes sense for small business employers to work with external, independent HR investigation specialists.

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Independent HR Investigators

We have substantial experience in supporting small businesses and employers with all types of workplace HR investigations.

As experienced independent HR investigators, we help small businesses and employers comply with their legal obligations while supporting positive workforce relations.

We act in an ethical, transparent manner and with the utmost care and confidentiality. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable HR investigators provide a fully comprehensive independent investigation service. We cover all manner of workplace disputes and allegations including:

  • Grievance and disciplinary matters

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Whistleblowing

  • Compliance concerns

  • Serious incidents

  • Company policies & procedures concerns 

With our sound understanding of the ACAS guidance, we deliver a transparent, robust and cost-effective investigation on your behalf: 

  • Gathering evidence

  • Conducting witness interviews 

  • Matters involving criminal proceedings

  • Producing investigation report

  • Upholding confidentiality 

  • Objective, transparent & ACAS compliant

If you’re a small business without the expertise to conduct a fair investigation, we can help.

We will carry out the investigation efficiently and with minimal disruption to your business. Our findings will be presented in a comprehensive report. Our conclusions can be relied on by you to make a fully informed decision on the matter.

Do you need workplace HR investigation services for small businesses in Denbighshire, Flintshire, Conwy, Anglesey, Wrexham, Cheshire, Merseyside, Liverpool, Manchester, and Lancashire? Call us today

Do you need help with something else?

Our HR Services for small businesses in North Wales and North West England are designed to help you succeed.

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"Luke conducting a thorough and detailed investigation into a grievance for our business. His ability to get to the facts of a matter are simply outstanding".



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