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Supporting small business employers in North Wales and North West England

Good people ('HR') management is crucial to any small business's success - whether you employ just one person or have fifty employees.

Getting HR right without dedicated and knowledgeable HR support is tricky. It’s more challenging to stay up to date and in compliance with employment law than it is for larger organisations, which have HR people to do that. In most small businesses it will be the owner or a (inexperienced) staff member who is tasked with looking after HR issues on top of all their other duties.

So it is not all that surprising that recent research showed lots of small businesses try to “wing it” without getting any HR support or HR advice at all. Yet sadly that is a much braver choice than most small businesses realise. There are lots of employment laws to comply with which could cost even small businesses literally tens of thousands of pounds in penalties or damages if they get it wrong, which is easy to do.

Our Outsourced HR Services have been designed specifically for small businesses; helping you to comply with UK Employment Law, avoid costly employment tribunal claims, and get the best from your employees.

Our HR Services for small businesses are built to address every problem you can come across. So get in touch today to get your time back, keep your business safe, and focus on running your small business.

From Denbighshire to Wrexham, Flintshire to Cheshire, and Warrington to Manchester, small businesses in North Wales and North West England trust in our HR Services to take care of all their HR needs.

Whether you need one-off (ad-hoc) HR support, or something more regular, we have an HR Solution that can meet your needs.


Need HR advice with an urgent people problem, crisis situation, or human resources issue?

We can provide you with expert small business HR advice over the telephone Mon-Fri 8am - 8pm.

If you have an urgent people problem or are facing an HR crisis, call our small business HR advice line for fast and effective HR consultancy support.


Benefit from our HR Consultancy’s expert support in managing HR-related matters.

We provide HR advice on Absence Management, Capability, Workplace Investigations, Disciplinary and Grievance, Dismissals, and more.

Our personalised, expert HR guidance helps you to get HR right in your small business and deal with HR-related matters in the best way.


Our bespoke contracts of employment are designed around your business.

We can put together all your employment contracts, so you can be confident they are legally compliant and your small business isn’t exposed to unnecessary risks, as you grow your workforce.

If you’re about to hire your first employee or would like to review your current employee contracts, we can help. 


We create tailor-made employee handbooks & HR policies specifically for small businesses.

We can equip you with employee handbooks and HR policies that protect and work for you and your small business.

We are relied on by employers all over the UK to get their small business HR policies and HR processes right.


We support small businesses to effectively manage staff absence - proactively and reactively.

Whether you need help to put an effective absence management policy together, or an urgent need to deal with a pressing problem, our qualified, experienced HR consultants can help navigate all absence management issues.


As an employer, you’ll be used to your employees having 'good days and bad days'.

We can help you when the bad days outnumber the good - and an employee's capability becomes an issue.

We are HR experts when it comes to managing poor performance and ill health - our HR consultants can help you to get back on track (fast).


Outsource your HR workplace investigations to us as experienced independent investigators.

We have substantial experience in supporting small businesses with all types of workplace HR investigations.

We quickly establish the full facts of a matter; to inform decision-making - so employers can fairly and objectively bring the matter to a conclusion.


Dealing with a disciplinary or grievance with an employee? Our HR Services can help you through that process.

Our HR consultants can investigate matters for you, and support you through a disciplinary and grievance process, or you can outsource the process entirely to us - taking the pain away completely!

Call us today for HR support for you and your small business.


Need help fairly dismissing an employee?

Dismissing staff can be a difficult and daunting HR process to navigate alone, especially if you haven’t done it before.


That's why we're on hand and by your side to support you from start to finish.

We advise small businesses on dismissals, helping them to mitigate risk.

Book A Free Consultation

Please note: Our Free HR Consultation Call is for employers only and does not extend to individual employees.

Should you require employee advice we recommend that you contact Acas in the first instance.

We can help you to comply with UK Employment Law -
and provide you with HR support if things go wrong.

We support small businesses across North Wales and North West England with all aspects of their HR, including:

  • Drafting all your employment documentation - including your Contracts of Employment

  • Conducting Workplace Investigations

  • The development of your HR Policies & Employee Handbook

  • Disciplinary and Grievance (investigation and chairing meetings)

  • Annual HR checks & audits to keep you up-to-date and compliant

  • Dismissals (termination of employment)

  • Day-to-day HR advice via telephone and email

  • Managing capability (poor performance, or ill health)

  • Restructures, Redundancies, and TUPE

  • Managing sickness absence / attendance

We provide HR Services and HR Solutions to small businesses in Denbighshire, Flintshire, Conwy, Anglesey, Wrexham, Cheshire, Merseyside, Wirral, Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire - and nationally too.   

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