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Small Business HR Services & Human Resources Support For Small Businesses

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HR Services for Small Businesses

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Good people management is crucial to any business's success - whether you employ just one person or have fifty employees.

Getting human resources right without access to specialist small business HR support is tricky (to say the least). It’s more challenging for smaller businesses to stay up to date and in compliance with employment law than it is for larger organisations, which have people teams to do that. In most cases, it will be the owner or an (inexperienced) staff member who is tasked with looking after 'people' and HR.

So it is not all that surprising that recent research showed lots of smaller employers try to “wing it” without getting any human resources support or advice at all. Yet sadly that is a much braver choice than most realise. There are lots of employment laws to comply with which could cost a small business tens of thousands of pounds in penalties or damages if they get it wrong, which is very easy to do.


Why Choose Our Small Business HR Services?

Here at LC Management Consulting, we fully understand that many smaller employers in North Wales and North West England don’t have the financial resources to employ an in-house HR manager. Let alone have the time or money to deal with employment disputes and employment tribunal claims that can sometimes arise with employees. That's where our small Business HR Services come in!

Being one of the first choices for small business HR Services in North Wales and North West England, we keep abreast of the latest developments in employment law - meaning you don't have to. We offer a comprehensive range of small business HR Services tailored to your business’s specific needs and requirements.

Best of all, our small business HR Services can be accessed in several ways, through our three different HR Solutions - giving you the choice and control over how we work with you.​

whether you run an established company with employees, are starting a new venture, or are employing staff for the first time, we can support you with all the small business HR Services you'll need

small business hr support and services

small business support for businesses in north wales and north west england
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Need small business HR advice with an urgent people problem, crisis situation, or human resources issue?

We can provide you with expert human resources advice on our HR advice line (Mon - Fri 8am - 8pm).

If you have an urgent people problem or are facing a staffing crisis, call our employer helpline for fast and effective guidance and support.


Benefit from our HR Consultancy’s expert support in people-related matters.

We provide support and guidance on Absence Management, Capability, Workplace Investigations, Disciplinary and Grievance, Dismissals, and more.

Our personalised, expert human resources consultancy helps you to get human resources right and deal with people-related matters in the best way.


Our bespoke contracts of employment are designed around your business.

We can put together all your employment contracts, so you can be confident they are legally compliant and your small business isn’t exposed to unnecessary legal risks, as you grow your workforce.

If you’re about to hire your first employee or would like to review your current employee contracts, we can help. 


We create tailor-made employee handbooks & HR policies specifically for small employers.

We can equip you with staff handbooks and human resources policies that protect and work for you and your small business.

We are relied on by employers all over the UK to get their small business human resources policies and processes right.


We support small employers to effectively manage staff absence - proactively and reactively.

Whether you need help to put an effective absence management policy together, or an urgent need to deal with a pressing problem, our qualified, experienced and friendly small business human resources experts can help navigate all staff absence management issues.


As a small business employer, you’ll be used to your employees having 'good days and bad days'.

We can help you when the bad days outnumber the good - and an employee's capability becomes an issue.

We are tried and tested experts when it comes to managing poor performance and ill health - with our support we can help you get back on track (fast).


Outsource your workplace investigations to us as experienced independent HR investigators.

We have substantial experience in supporting employers with all types of workplace investigations.

We quickly establish the full facts of a matter; to inform decision-making - so you can fairly and objectively bring the matter to a conclusion.


Dealing with a disciplinary or grievance? Don't panic - we can help you through those (often) daunting processes.

Our consultants can investigate matters for you, and support you through a disciplinary and grievance process, or you can outsource the process entirely to us - taking the pain away completely!

Call us today for human resources support for you and your small business.


Need help fairly dismissing a member of staff?

Dismissing staff can be a difficult and daunting process to navigate alone, especially if you haven’t done it before.

That's why we're on hand and by your side to support you from start to finish.

We advise employers on dismissals, helping them to mitigate risk.

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Contact Our Friendly Experts In HR Support for Small Businesses


Finding the right HR support for small businesses is something all business owners should research carefully before they choose which HR company to place their trust in. After all, it's a big decision for any business owner.

Before making the switch and working with an HR provider for small businesses, there are many to choose from. But don’t worry, our HR support for small businesses comes well recommended by employers across North Wales and North West England. 

We exclusively provide human resources support for small businesses (and are one ourselves), so we have a true appreciation of what it's like to own and run your own company - and of the challenges employing staff can sometimes bring!

From recruiting staff to managing performance and sickness absence issues to dealing with tricky employment issues (such as grievances or disciplinaries), our experienced HR consultants provide HR support for small businesses across North Wales and North West England, removing all the associated stress that employing staff can bring.

Rather than tell you ourselves how great we are at providing HR support for small businesses, our happy clients have done that bit for us!

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Small Business HR Support You Can Trust

With our small business HR support, you can run your business with the confidence and peace of mind that your human resources are taken care of.

Through our small business HR Services, we'll support you to get the basics right (like your contracts of employment and HR policies). To prevent 'people issues' in the first place. And, if they do crop up, help you to resolve those situations quickly - and effectively.

But, we're not just here to troubleshoot your day-to-day HR issues (although we are rather good at that). With our small business HR support, we can help you put in place the HR activities that will help you grow your business!

We don't do 'off-the-shelf' HR Services for small businesses - our small business HR support is always tailored to your needs.


We can help you to comply with UK Employment Law -and with small business HR support if things go wrong.

We provide human resources services for small businesses and startups across North Wales and North West England, including:

  • Drafting all your employment documentation

  • The development of your HR Policies & Employee Handbook

  • Audits to keep you up-to-date and compliant with employment law

  • Day-to-day HR advice via telephone and email

  • Restructures, Redundancies, and TUPE

  • Conducting Workplace Investigations

  • Disciplinary and Grievance (investigation and chairing meetings)

  • Dismissals (termination of employment)

  • Managing capability (poor performance, or ill health)

  • Managing sickness absence and attendance

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Get in touch today for HR Support for small businesses in North Wales and North West England.

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what people say


Kier Glover

Operations Director - Create Learning Trust

"Luke has been absolutely vital in supporting our academy trust to overhaul and streamline our human resources processes. In a short period already, this has massively aided communication throughout our trust as well as accountability and has also provided us with an excellent audit trail. I have no doubt Luke could help any education setting."

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