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Think before you commit - do you over promise and under deliver?

Updated: Aug 17

Chances are, you do sometimes break a promise – you're human, after all! But it's worth thinking about how dependable you are as a leader, and as a colleague.

So, ask yourself some serious questions, such as: "Do I sometimes agree to things, even though I know that I can't do them, or that I don't want to?" Or, "Have people stopped asking me for help or support?", Or, "Am I guilty of over promising and under delivering?".

You might let yourself down, too. For example, how often do you cancel personal plans at the last minute? And have you ever sabotaged your own important goals?

If you recognise some of these behaviours, you're now ready to do something about it!

Most of us make promises for good reasons. Maybe we want to support our coworkers' projects or help a team member to achieve that well-deserved pay raise. Or perhaps we want to be a reliable partner and get home on time. But we sometimes need strategies that will help us to stick to what we say.

🔝 TIP: Don't Overpromise.

There will always be occasions when you know you can't deliver, so just be honest about it.

It can be painful to turn down requests for help or to admit that you don't have the capacity or the ability to do something. But, it's far better to do so than to risk giving people false hope or be untruthful.

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