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Are you a smart leader?

Updated: Aug 17

Surrounding yourself with smart people who have skills and expertise you don't have can help you be a more effective leader, make better decisions, and strengthen your business for the future.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Diversity of thought:

Having team members with varying backgrounds, experiences, and expertise can bring diverse perspectives and ideas to the table. This can lead to more creative problem-solving and innovation.

2. Learning opportunities:

Surrounding yourself with people who know more than you do can be an opportunity for you to learn and grow as a leader. You can gain new perspectives that can help you make better decisions.

3. Improved decision-making:

A team with different areas of expertise can help a leader make more informed and effective decisions. It can help uncover blind spots or potential risks that might not have been considered otherwise.

4. Better delegation:

By having team members with different skills and expertise, a leader can delegate tasks more effectively. This ensures that the right people are working on the right tasks and that everyone is working to their strengths.

5. Succession planning:

Developing a team with diverse skills and expertise can help ensure that the organisation is well-positioned for the future. It ensures that there are individuals who can take on leadership roles and continue to drive the success of the organisation.

TOP TIP: Never stop listening to your smartest and most capable people. Remember, that's why you hired them - and that's what makes you a smart leader!

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